Saturday, 21 September 2013

How to make and earn money online for Malaysian whom are working at home and working at daytime, but want some extra income on night time? A question asked from a friend of mine via MSN. For some of us out there with experience over the internet, it would be easy to answer yourself with this question, but for some reason, those that have not really go into making money online life via internet, he would try to search high and low for answers, some say this will work and some say by doing this it won’t.
On my previous how to earn money from a website, and planning a flow for your internet business topics, were very similar to what I am going to post it here and answer to you, John. :) . But it will be divided into few categories and there is no guarantee it will work but something which I am sure a lot of online entrepreneur had do the same way. Below stated would be suitable for Malaysian who want to earn and make money online either at home, after working hour, or even while you are working in the office, your earning project are still running at the back.

Zero Cost and Earning from RM1 to RM1,xxx.00+
Yes, zero cost, no hosting, no domain payment fees, only your electric bills and phone bills count, unless you want to have it running in a Cybercafe near your house, or Coffee Bean with free wi-fi.
John : “With Zero cost, are you sure I can start making money?”
Me : “Yes. Free blogging services like,, and many others more, you can signup for a free blogging space, with your own name that you want, but of coarse provided the name wasn’t taken by others and with their free service domain name at the back like, or”
John : “What shall I type or do with the free blogging service, if I joined?”
Me : “After signup, you can post or blog anything that you want, write something about your interesting life, or even something you like to share about around the world, gadgets that you’ve recently bought, and all these are topics or post that you can actually write about.”
John : “Just write about when I go sleep and eat what dish, like this we also can earn money?”
Me : “But of coarse, just writing all this post, wasn’t able to let you start earning yet, but you need to have visitors, readers to your blogs either from search engine like Yahoo, Google, MSN. Once you have a certain numbers of post, you can signup to Chitika, or Adsense and some other money making online which is mentioned here before. After you have signup, awaiting for their approval, and once they have approved you, you can start using their provided code, and paste it on your blogs or website.”
John : “I can’t write much, english poor, what if I want to earn money online without typing a long long list of post?”
Me : “There are few ways, and which will be mentioned below :”
Low and High Cost, with lower earning or higher earning.
Shopping cart-like, or bidding and auction website, is one good website for those who doesn’t want to type a lot, and doesn’t want to spend time blogging nor want to have a domain. These website like and are indeed a very good tools for Malaysian who want to earn some money by selling and buying things.
For example, at you can actually look for those unique stuff which is either second hand or used items, and if you think they can be worth more, try buy it back with low cost, and try selling it again after a period of time, if you are lucky enough, you might earn 100% of what you’ve paid for. And if you have some friends and you, yourself, have some items which you no longer used or haven’t use, you can also try selling or auction it there, to earn some extra. Not only items that you have, you can also try source out items which is rare or order items from a shop having a dealer price, and try selling the items there. This way, you can have your online shop without a real shop locally. For some reason, there are Malaysian that write an ebook about some guide, or story, and sell it online via these type of services, or some even draw art to sell their arts online here, and its free.
Zero and Low Cost, with lower earning or higher earning with risk.
If you wouldn’t want to do all the above mentioned category, and all you just want is online earning, and do less work, you can try out some of the website which is paying member to visit/browse a website, pay to read email, pay to click website and pay to search. These service is easy but have some risk of not getting paid or even getting your information exposed because you need to enter your personal details of receive payment in method like check or virtual money. Not all website like this, some really do pay their member.
There are many more method of earning and making money online, and these are some of them, and again, the method mentioned above may not or won’t have any guarantee of 100% work, but something you will know, and at least you can try to your business online. Previously, I did mentioned to a friend of mine, about selling or having a business using method no.2, and till date, he is still doing the same thing, at home. He is able to work with this method till date, is not because of what I’ve told him, it is because he himself, know at least how to twist turn using the method to make money online.